Tohoku Orchid Exhibit and Garden Festa 2019

Tohoku Orchid Exhibit and Garden Festa 2019

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal

A new attempt that incorporates captivating orchids

Nature Aquatic Plant Wall, which we have been promoting since last year, is drawing attention in various events. This layout was exhibited in Tohoku Orchid Exhibit & Garden Festa 2019 (Yume Messe Miyagi) held in Sendai from January 31 to February 4 at the organizer’s request. In order to make the underwater section and the above water section of the layout appear more naturally connected than previously introduced Nature Aquatic Plant Walls, various epiphytic aquatic plants are attached to extra-large, sloped Unzan Stones, and many aquatic plants are also grown in the underwater section. Since this layout was a part of an orchid show, a variety of orchids were incorporated in the above water section. However, only a few orchids bloomed at the time of exhibit since it was difficult to make all the orchids bloom at the same time period. The family of orchids is epiphytic and loves high humidity. Therefore, it goes together well with the wall system. It is a group of plants that we hope to incorporate into this type of layout in the future.


Plants Wall: Hygrophila pinnatifida / Hygrophila sp. ‘Red’ / Polygonum sp. / Alternanthera reineckii / Limnophila hippuridoides / Hydrocotyle verticillata / Anubias barteriAnubias barteri var. nana / Anubias hastifolia / Philodendoron sp. / Cryptocoryne parva Mini / Bucephalandra kishii / Bucephalandra sp.’Sintang’ / Bucephalandra Red Mini / Homalomena sp. / Microsorium pteropus / Microsorum sp. ‘Trident’ / Microsorum sp. ‘Thrisuur’ / Microsorum sp. ‘Krabi’ / Bolbitis huedelotiiBolbitis heteroclita ‘Difformis’ / Lagenandra cf. keralensis / Lagenandra Meeboldii ‘Vinay Chandra’ / Huperzia carinata / Blechnum gibbum / Microgramma vacciniifolia / Nepenthes ventricosa / Stanhopea tigrina / Pleurothallis divaricans / Gongola colombiana variegata / Cyclopogon lindleyanus / Phragmipedium pearcei / Masdevallia rolfeana / Coelogyne speciosa / Maxillaria hennisiana / Bulbophyllum jolandae / Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Spiky Moss’ / Vesicularia Montegni ‘Chirstmas moss’ / Vesicularia ferriei ‘Weeping moss’ / Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Peacock moss’ / Riccardia chamedryfolia

Fish: Melanotaenia boesemani / Melanotaenia praecox / Melanotaenia herbertaxelrodi / Pseudomugil furcatus / Bedotia geayi / Caridina multidentata

Shooting date: January 24th, 2019(ADA)
Creator: Kota Iwahori

Aquarium: W180×D60×H60(cm)
A: Cyclopogon lindleyanus
B: Nepenthes ventricosa
C: Stanhopea tigrina
D: Coelogyne speciose
E: Gongola colombiana variegata
F: Huperzia carinata
G: Pleurothallis divaricans