ADA Review ‘Have a fun growing plants with various styles’

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal
Let’s recreate a tropical rainforest or a cloud forest where many living creatures live in a glass container. The growing methods change depending on the sizes and nature of plants that you are growing. The cultivation of plants can be enjoyed in various styles from simple to full fledged.


Have a fun growing plants with various styles

Plants with leaves with bright and unique colors and patterns grow in tropical jungles, wetlands and streams. In DOOA, various ways of paludarium such as Terra Plate that can be easily installed to a glass container and System Paluda that can create an appropriate environment for plants by controlling light, humidity and wind in an aquarium tank, are suggested as ways to grow and enjoy plants filled with vitality. In Jungle Plants series, there will be more additions to the lineup in the future, and scenery with plants filled with diversity can be expressed. Please enjoy growing charming plants with a wide range of growing methods.
System Paluda 30
Even in a small glass aquarium tank with only 30cm width, a slice of jungle in a well-balanced environment can be recreated. The lighting is Paluda Light 60 (sold separately), and Jungle Soil and Jungle Base (both sold separately) are used for the substrate.
Neo Glass Paluda 60
By laying highly water retainable Sphagnum, it can handle growing tropical plants and potted plants. The lighting is Paluda Light 60 (sold separately), and Bio Rio G (sold separately) is used as a substrate material.
Neo Glass Air
By spreading Jungle Soil and Jungle Base inside the aquarium tank, small scenery can be created using driftwood and a variety of plants. By slightly shifting the special glass cover, the humidity can be adjusted, and Paludarium can be easily enjoyed.
The aquarium tank is Neo Glass Air W20×D20×H20(cm).
Terra Base
Terra Base helps plants grow in an environment close to a tree trunk in a tropical rainforest. Because it is unglazed pottery, the water inside seeps out, and the surface temperature decreases due to the heat of vaporization. Epiphytes that prefer a cool environment can be healthily grown.
Terra Base M, and the aquarium tank is Neo Glass Air W20×D20×H35(cm).
Terra Plate
The same material as Terra Base is used for the ceramic plate, and it is excellent at adjusting humidity. If it is hooked on Neo Glass Air with a designated hook, epiphytes can be easily enjoyed.
Terra Plate, Terra Plate Hook, and the aquarium tank is Neo Glass Air W20×D20×H30(cm).
Horn Wood with epiphytic orchids
Sphagnum and epiphytic orchids are attached on small pieces of Horn Wood. The condition of the orchids is great with healthy roots, and they can be directly used as they are. To be released soon.