In this issue, we will introduce three Aqua Terariums that use Wabi Kusa Wall 60 / Mizukusa Wall 60.
DOOA Wabi Kusa Wall (clear acrylic type) has been renewed to a black acrylic type this summer, and the product name is also changed to Mizukusa Wall 60. In addition to the examples using the current Wabi Kusa Wall 60, the examples of the new Mizukusa Wall 60 are introduced. Also, detailed articles of the new products, Mizukusa Mist Wall 60 and Super Jet Filter ES-150 Ver.2 are also introduced.
The examples of Wabi Kusa Wall 60 work with Cube Garden of ADA Nature Aquarium and express at the fusion of the underwater world and the plants wall. Please take notice of the new way to enjoy of jungle plants in this issue. 
Please take full of the latest information of ADA including knowhow to enjoy Aponogeton madagascariensis easily with Neo Glass Air through AJ vol.284.

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