The featured image of the month is a cheerful, vibrant aquascape that blows away the winter blues. This W180cm layout depicts images of the Oirase Mountain Stream (Aomori, Japan) in the spring time, and it presents colorful stem plants and a composition with a strong sense of depth.
“ADA Review” introduces ADA’s ongoing sales promotion, ADA FAIR, where DOOA START SET of System AQUA 30 and of TERRA 30 are offered. The article showcases new System AQUA 30 and TERRA 30 layouts created according to DOOA Layout Recipe Cards, which are included in DOOA START SET. Please take an advantage of the special offer. It’s a great opportunity for you to try out System AQUA 30 and TERRA 30! Newly released DOOA CO2 System Kit is featured in “MAKE & KEEP,” and much more.
Read Aqua Journal and enjoy beautiful aquatic plants in year-end holidays! 

B5-sized, full-colored 24 pages

*AQUA JOURNAL (Printed Edition / Japanese) is not sold on ADA Online Bookstore.  
*AQUA JOURNAL (Online Edition / English): New articles will be uploaded to ADA website weekly on Friday.