The cover article features top-ranked layouts in the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2018. It includes interviews of Top 7 winners, talking about their layout making, aquascape photos and so on. The article approaches topics from a different angle than the winners’ comments in the contest booklet. The magazine also covers the results of ADA’s company layout contest internally held as a “spin-off” of the IAPLC 2018. Find out which ADA aquascapers won higher evaluation!
A newly released product, DOOA Aqua Clean AC, is introduced in this month’s “MAKE & KEEP.” Having a new feature “Neo Glass Air Style,” Aqua Journal Vol. 278 is full of fun and useful information!

B5-sized, full-colored 24 pages

*AQUA JOURNAL (Printed Edition / Japanese) is not sold on ADA Online Bookstore.  
*AQUA JOURNAL (Online Edition / English): New articles will be uploaded to ADA website weekly on Friday.