Popular tank sizes are now available.

Tank size of W120xD50xH50cm and W150xD60xH60cm are newly added to the Cube Garden lineup! Often seen in the International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest, aquarium tanks in these sizes are widely used by aquascapers around the world.  They are easy to work with, making the aquascaping process more comfortable. 

The related products (Wood Cabinet, Solar RGB Stand, Clear Glass Cover, Garden Mat and Aqua Screen) are also released.
In the Wood Cabinet series, new color variations, “Ash Brown” and “Old Brown”, are introduced this spring. The Wood Cabinet is designed to be a highly quality and robust cabinet, built with a combination of solid wood and selected decorative plates.  Simple and stylish design going well with Nature Aquariums.

* The existing Cube Garden W120xD45xH45cm and W120xD45xH60cm will be discontinued once stock runs out.

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