Your aquascape brightens more beautifully.

LIGHT SCREEN, an LED back screen brightening aquascape beautifully by installing on the back side of aquarium, is now available.

ADA logo mark is on the back side the screen.
ADA logo mark is on the back side the screen.

LIGHT SCREEN is an easy-to-install LED back screen that can easily be installed with provided hooks on the rear side of aquarium tank and give white background so easily.
It comes with 2 sizes: for 60cm aquarium tanks (W60xH36cm) and for 90cm aquarium tanks (W90xH45cm).
It also comes with a blue-gradation film which enables to create a beautiful blue gradational background.


LIGHT SCREEN has a dimmer switch that enables you to change the brightness of aquascape according to your preference for photo shooting and to optimize the brightness along with lighting from the top.

Enjoy useful LIGHT SCREEN in a various scenes for your Nature Aquarium.


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LIGHT SCREEN for W60*H36cm
LIGHT SCREEN for W90*H45cm