Special Feature
The History of World Biggest Nature Aquarium, “Oceanário de Lisboa, from 2015-2017”
The special feature in this issue showcases the world biggest Nature Aquarium tank, “Forests Underwater” in Oceanário de Lisboa, Portugal. 
It was created at the end of January, 2015, and opened for public viewing on April. It has been over 2 years since its installation, and Forests Underwater is more and more turning into “a natural river”. In this special feature, photographs taken from different angles will enable readers to imagine the overview as if they’re standing in front of the tank. The article also introduces the phases from the preparation to production. 
For Nature Aquarium enthusiasts, this issue is a must-have Aqua Journal as the record of Takashi Amano’s greatest work, “Forests Underwater”. 
Please look forward to the very last A4-sized Aqua Journal Vol. 265. 

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