Special Feature
Layout Material Catalog
In this month's issue titled "Layout Material Catalog," we take a close look at a variety of layout materials, which are indispensable for creating Nature Aquarium layouts.  
From composition materials (stones and driftwood) to substrate materials (Aqua Soils and cosmetic sand) and others (Wabi-Kusa mats and Moss rocks), this special issue covers the entire range of ADA's layout materials. It gives some example aquascapes to teach basic uses of each layout material, and helps inspire new ideas for your aquascapes. In addition, the magazine showcases a brand new W90cm layout using Ouko Stones, which has come back on the market recently. Read Aqua Journal Vol.262 full of information on layout materials and create a new layout!

Please look forward to reading AQUA JOURNAL Vol. 262 presenting new appreciation of NATURE AQUARIUM and Aqua-terrarium. 

* The print journal is only available in Japanese.
* Visit ADA Online Bookstore to order your copy.