Thank you for your continued support to AQUA DESIGN AMANO. 

Today, Aril 21st 2017, AQUA DESIGN AMANO has come to its memorable 25th anniversary. This could not have been achieved without your support, please let us express our deepest gratitude for this matter.

Looking back, it has been a quarter of century since Takashi Amano, the former CEO, founded this company in his hometown of Niigata city (former Maki town) and first introduced “Nature Aquarium” to the world.  

In recent years, Nature Aquarium hobbyists have increased their population around the globe. And what’s more is that Nature Aquarium has been featured in various media outlets such as TV programs or magazines and widely acknowledged as a fantastic hobby.

AQUA DESIGN AMANO hence will continue to offer quality products to planted aquarium hobbyists, produced based on its philosophy of “Learn from Nature, Create Nature”. 

Please enjoy Nature Aquarium for years to come.