Special Feature
“It's Summer, Enjoy Aquatic Plants”
This month’s feature article is titled, “It’s Summer, Enjoy Aquatic Plants”, and it looks into different forms of planted aquarium, especially good for summer time.  

The Aqua Journal shares many different, inspiring ways to enjoy both emersed and submersed leaves of aquatic plants in a same tank; an “amphibian” aquarium layout in a 60cm-long tank, easy & simple layouts using shallow aquarium tanks and more.  And, you don’t want to miss out the newest 2016 version of the “Wabi-kusa Wall”!

Inside the magazine, you will also find many other layouts using glass containers from the ADA Glass Pot series and the Plant Glass series.  Summer is the best season to try out something new with aquatic plants.

* The print journal is only available in Japanese.
* Visit ADA Online Bookstore to order your copy.