Special Feature
To mark a start of 2016, the Aqua Journal vol.244 puts a spotlight on “The Greatest Nature Aquarium” exhibited at Oceanário de Lisboa in Portugal. You might have already seen how this super gigantic aquarium was created and turned out at the grand opening as introduced in the Journal vol.234 and 236. However, the ultimate condition of the layout with lush aquatic plants, which Takashi Amano designed in his head, has not been published yet. In the first edition of New Year, we take you to the tour of this aquascape by showing you its details from various angles.

Practically on site, you would walk down the hall to see this massive 40m tank. In this journal, we recreate this walk-though experience for you to enjoy the powerful aquascape as if it’s there in front of you. Moreover, we received messages from people involved in the creation of “FORESTS UNDERWATER” and the maintenance staff working on site. The messages are their thoughts on the greatest Nature Aquarium that Takashi Amano left.

* The print journal is only available in Japanese.
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