New materials suitable for aquascapes and pardariums in small aquariums have been added to ADA's lineup of layout materials. Please use these unique materials with different shapes and textures to create a new image of your layout.

Lichen Stone
This stone's surface has irregular lines in it, and overall looks more rounded than Ryuoh Stone. Characterised by a slightly bright colouring.

Jagure Stone
In an aquascape this stone's bluish-black, cooling hues and roundish depressions evoke the passage of time and flow of water.

Gatto Stone
A stone of rounded, river-stone character with irregular, rough depressions.

Tangerine Layer Stone
Distinctive stone with uniform stratification and a mix of milky white, orange and grey.

Bling Stone
Stones resembling lava whilst having rich variation due to complex shape. Smaller than other stones in the line-up, these work especially well in small sized aquariums.

Slim Wood S
Introducing S size of the highly popular layout material, Slim Wood. A bundle that can easily be used in a small aquarium tank.

Root Branch
Extremely fine branch layout material. Recommended for intricate layouts or to be tied onto larger driftwood because it is easy to floot.