Regarding the ‘Nature Aquarium Gallery Welcome Day’, planned for November 3rd through 5th, in order to provide a comfortable viewing environment for visitors, we would like to ask you to make a (free) online reservation. To prevent overcrowding, we have set the entry hours below.
Please come in the gallery during the reserved time period. Additionally, please try to keep your visits within 2 hours at the longest, in order to avoid overcrowding.
Entry Hours

Additionally, we will be extending the closing time by one hour, to 17:00 (entry is until 16:30).
As this is two months after beginning the event, we would like to apologize deeply for this announcement to all who planned to visit, but we nevertheless ask for your understanding and cooperation in reducing crowding.
Online reservation start date: 12pm Sep. 12th (Tue) JST
Reservation method: The reservation address will be posted at the above time through the news section of the ADA official web site, as well as official social media on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Line.
Please apply for entry through the reservation address.
・Preschoolers do not need to make a reservation.
・One reservation can reserve up to five people. If you are a group of 6 or more, please apply through another representative.
Please check the reservation page often. As even after reaching capacity, it may open up some spaces due to cancellations.

Regarding sale of limited goods.
・Limited/exclusive items will be sold up to a particular amount, every day, beginning at 10 AM.
・We ask for your understanding in the event that we run out.
・These are exclusive items for visitors. Please do not attempt to resell them.
・If you wish to buy the limited items, we recommend reserving for an earlier part of the day. On the other hand, if you prefer to take your time viewing the aquascapes, we suggest arriving later in the day.
・Paying by credit card or QR code is possible as well. In order to reduce crowding, we suggest electronic payment of some kind.
Terms of service
・Taking photographs and videos is permitted.
・Please refrain from photography using flash or tripods, as well as video livestreaming, as these can cause inconvenience or discomfort for others.
・Please observe proper manners and regard for other visitors in your photography.
・Pets are not permitted on the premises.
・Please refrain from smoking, eating or drinking on the premises.

November 3 (Fri.) / 4 (Sat.) / 5 (Sun.), 2023
Admission: Free