Aqua Journal is the monthly magazine that has been published by ADA since 1994.
Article and famous columns which were available only in Japanese until now are finally released on ADA official website.

In this online journal, Nature Aquarium, the source from ADA, is featured from the various different angles and how it is spreading to the world. You can also enjoy getting to know better of the founder Amano’s thought and personality.

In the “World Report” by our international partners from various parts of the world, we introduce local aquarium trends and exhibition shows, the excellent ADA registered shops, the hobbyist networks, Aquascapers’ passion and the voices from the world.

The “Green Tunnel” is a column written by Amano’s daughter. In this column, the glimpse of episodes to know the personality of Amano will warm your heart. It contains full of must-see untold stories that are definitely interesting for fans.

Additionally, the “NA GOODS REVIEW” series are moved to this page.
We are working on improving our website to have the content-rich information source!

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