From Saturday 9 May to Sunday 24 May 2015, the photography exhibition “NIPPON caught by 6.0 Vision” will be open at Tokyo Solamachi 5F Space 634 in Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN. This is organized to mark the 3rd anniversary of Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN including Sumida Aquarium. The photographer, Takashi Amano will present his works in extra-large photo panels of max 4m x 1.5m including his unpublished latest photos. They were taken with the 8x20” ultra large format film which is told that its outstanding depiction is comparable to 6.0 visual acuity. Come and meet the Japanese scenery and historical architectures shown in the high-definition and powerful huge photo panels.

Enjoy the beautiful and nostalgic Nippon unfolded right in front of you...

The Photography Exhibition
“NIPPON caught by 6.0 Vision”

Saturday 9 May - Sunday 24 May 2015
Tokyo Solamachi 5F Space 634
Open: 10am - 9pm
Admission: 500 yen *Free for junior high school students or under

Hosted by Sumida Aquarium

For more details, click on the link below.