New way to enjoy indoor greenery!
Welcome to the “ADA LAB”, a laboratory where you can experience Paludarium!

Greenery adds a beautiful touch to your living space and your heart, just like art and lighting. Although indoor greenery tends to be placed near the window where there is sunlight, you can enjoy “Paludarium” in which plants grow in glass containers with LED lighting anywhere indoors, such as on a bookshelf, on a desk, by sofa, or bedside. Because you can maintain a humid environment just like a rainforest in a glass container, you may enjoy growing unique rainforest plants, or creating small tropical rainforest-like scenery in the container. Paludarium enables you to enjoy growing your favorite plants slowly and to observe how the plants grow anytime and anywhere. The “ADA LAB” is a laboratory in Ginza, Tokyo where you can experience new ways to grow indoor plants. Now, “ADA LAB ssp. DAIKANYAMA”, a temporary branch of the “ADA LAB”, is open at Tsutaya Book Store in Daikanyama, Tokyo for a limited time only. Various items are available, focusing on small Paludarium that is easy to incorporate into interior décor.

■Schedule: From July 1, 2022 (Fri) through July 31, 2022 (Sun)
■Venue: Gallery Space at the Daikanyama Tsutaya Book Store
■Opening Hours: As per business hours of the book store