NATURE AQUARIUM EXHIBITION PROJECT  ‘Trajectory of Nature Aquarium Exhibition production project’

NATURE AQUARIUM EXHIBITION PROJECT ‘Trajectory of Nature Aquarium Exhibition production project’

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal
“NATURE AQUARIUM EXHIBITION 2021 TOKYO” has been held at Tokyo Dome City, Gallery AaMo since September 17. Takashi Amano’s unique perspective on establishing Nature Aquarium is introduced in this exhibition. In addition, works created by five SUIKEI creators who succeeded Amano’s intention are also exhibited. For the project, the largest Nature Aquarium exhibition ever held, we have been working as a team from planning to opening. In this article, we would like to introduce the process how we put our heart and soul into the exhibition to make it happen.

CHAPTER1.   Challenges and struggles for the unfamiliar aquarium system

April 2019 – 
With a common desire to create an exhibition that conveys the power and charms of plants, we solidified various ideas and concepts and started designing a framework of Nature Tower 360°. Consequently, we decided to go with a large structure overall. Due to its large size, there were many issues that were hard to deal with because the operation test was also large-scale. We spent many difficult days.

CHAPTER2.  Repeating trials and errors and confronting the massive tower

March 2021 –
To accommodate the framework of the tower, a height of over 4m is required. Therefore, we built a dedicated facility for the tower. While refining the basic system, the layout production was progressed so that the tower can be enjoyed from all angles. It was a different atmosphere because it was tense and heated with creativity for making something completely new.

CHAPTER3. SUIKEI creators’ total concentration – Hectic schedule for creating layouts

April 2021 –
The production of cordial layouts by the SUIKEI creators went on one after another at the NA Gallery. The works that brought out each SUIKEI creator’s individuality were well-prepared from putting ideas together to production and subsequent maintenance. Many ADA staff were working together until the exhibition opening. Sometimes there were conflicting opinions, but it was because everyone was serious.

CHAPTER4. Tower system dismantling – To the event venue

September 9 – 11, 2021
In terms of the transportation for the tower, which had been a challenging issue since the initial design, it was no exaggeration to say that it was a task that required the most consideration for this event. After making thorough arrangements from how to pack/fix, reserving trucks, checking the carrying in/out routes to creating a work schedule together, the day finally came. While paying close attention to time and plant conditions, we carefully proceeded with all the tasks.

CHAPTER5. From Niigata to Tokyo – Professionals for transporting aquarium tanks

September 12, 2021
To transport the aquarium tanks safely without spoiling the layouts, we prepared hand trucks designated for each aquarium and a transport ramp. Because we needed to transport aquatic plants while maintaining their conditions, we had to pack everything carefully and speedily as staying focused. These arrangements can be done because past experiences are accumulated in the whole team. We arranged total 9 special wing type refrigerated trucks with air suspension function.

CHAPTER6.   Loading work in the middle of the night – Awakening aquascapes

September 11, 2021 at 11:00pm to 14 at 13:30pm
We carefully started unpacking everything that was packed just about ten hours ago and proceeded with installation work without losing concentration. Our thoughts that we wanted to achieve the best exhibition, gave us one last push and strength. And we were able to complete all the setup successfully. We would love lots of people to see the exhibition with full of ADA’s techniques and passion.