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The new light from ADA

The period between 2016 and 2018 is the time when a new light cast on ADA. In 2016, ADA launched its new flagship lighting fixture called “Solar RGB”, which offers the best wavelength distribution for growing and displaying aquatic plants. It’s the world’s first planted aquarium lighting system to use RGB LED lighting, whose optimized wavelengths illuminate aquatic plants so vividly that it took the impression of aquascapes to the next level. In the following year, the “Light Screen”, which emits LED lights from the back of an aquarium to create a backlighting effect, was released. These two lighting fixtures are so effective in creating beautiful aquascapes that they have now become indispensable items at Nature Aquarium exhibition events run by ADA. In 2017, starting with the release of the Neo Glass tank series, a new brand line called “DOOA” was launched, offering various ways to freely enjoy water and greenery. The DOOA’s brand positioning is aligned with that of “ADA NATURE AQUARIUM”, creating a two-brand structure. It was also in this period that the “Amanoism” was then passed on to the five Suikei creators. ADA made a new start as a brand.
Some photographic effects used in photo shoots such as making a gradation blue color scheme had led to the development of the Light Screen.
DATA / Aquarium size: W180×D60×H60 (cm) /  Shooting date: October 2017 / Creation: Yusuke Homma
Solar RGB, equipped with RGB LED lighting. Its optimized spectral distribution increases the transparency of the water and makes the green and red colors of plants shine even brighter.
DATA / Aquarium size: W120×D45×H60 (cm) / Shooting date: October 2017 / Creation: Daichi Araki
In 2016, the “ADA Suikei Creators” were introduced. Their mission is to share the beauty of Nature Aquarium to the world while interpreting nature with their own artistic flair.
DATA / Aquarium size: W180×D60×H60 (cm) / Shooting date: June 2018 / Creation: Daisuke Inoue

Things that need to be changed, and things that must not be changed

In the last few years, new products including “Aquasky RGB”, “Metal Cabinet” and “Power Cord S-70” were released one after another. The brand line “ADA NATURE AQUARIUM”, which had innovated itself for Nature Aquarium enthusiasts since its birth, has become even smarter and more sophisticated. And with the release of “Mizukusa Mist Wall”, the brand new “DOOA” has taken on the challenge of expanding possibilities of the layout style originated in Nature Aquarium. This wall system later became the prototype for the “Nature Tower 360°”. Other paludarium related products, such as “System Paluda” and “Glass Pot SHIZUKU”, were also added, expanding the product lineup of DOOA. In line with that, the “Jungle Plants” series of greenery products was introduced to the market. More varieties of attractive plants will be launched in the future. Over the past 30 years, ADA products and its methods of plant cultivation have changed with the times, but there are still things that have always remained the same; our passion for bringing the fascination and enjoyment of plants to the world through Nature Aquarium and our attitude towards “learn from nature” while caring for it. ADA will continue to pursue its ideals.
One of the most recent Nature Aquarium style layouts created by ADA Suikei creators. ADA will continue to create aquascapes, just like it always has.
DATA / Aquarium size: W180×D60×H60 (cm) / Shooting date: November 2021 / Creation: Naru Uchida
The Mizukusa Mist Wall designed for wall style layouts was developed from the Nature Aquarium layout style. It can also be used to cultivate ferns, orchids, moss and other epiphytic jungle plants.
DATA / Aquarium size: W90×D45×H45 (cm) Mizukusa Mist Wall 90 / Shooting date: February 2019 / Creation: Kota Iwahori