Ryuji OgawaRyuji Ogawa
ADA NATURE AQUARIUM offers a wide range of products that are necessary to create Nature Aquarium style layouts. In this section, we will introduce the appeal of our products, produced with performance, design, and originality.

A live substrate system that symbolizes the connection between organisms creates a healthy environment

Aquatic plants and tropical fish are the stars of Nature Aquarium. So, are they the only organisms that live in aquariums? The answer is no. Microorganisms make up a rich ecosystem that we cannot fully understand. These organisms live in the substrate where the aquatic plants take root, and it’s called a live substrate system― a very important environment that supports Nature Aquarium. A live substrate can be easily produced by adding Power Sand Advance. Containing Tourmaline BC (bamboo charcoal powder) in addition to Bacter 100 and Clear Super, this product enhances nutrients for  microorganisms and provides a substrate for aquatic plants. Microorganisms and plants are known to have a symbiotic relationship, feeding on each other’s metabolites. We hope you will enjoy the beauty of a Nature Aquarium that is created upon this symbiotic relationship with a live substrate.
Power Sand:
3 sizes are available according to the height of tank.
Power Sand Advance S: below 40cm
Power Sand Advance M: between 40cm and 60cm
Power Sand Advance L: above 60cm