Ryuji OgawaRyuji Ogawa
ADA NATURE AQUARIUM offers a wide range of products that are necessary to create Nature Aquarium style layouts. In this section, we will introduce the appeal of our products, produced with performance, design, and originality.
Pollen Glass Beetle 50Ø: Designed for large aquariums
*The size of the diffusing surface and the corresponding tanks:
30Ø for W90cm tank / 40Ø for W90 – W120cm tank / 50Ø for W120 – W180cm tank

Extremely fine CO2 bubbles dissolve into the water like drifting pollen.

Nowadays, there are various methods of adding CO2 to aquariums. So this time, I would like to introduce the Pollen Glass series. In order to enhance the beauty and natural feel of a Nature Aquarium, its surrounding equipment should be designed to be as simple as possible. The ADA’s glass product line meets this requirement. The flagship product, Pollen Glass, is made by skilled glass artisans. Its unique shape and beauty is produced one by one, and the ADA logo is burned onto it at last. The name “Pollen Glass” comes from its ability to produce extremely fine bubbles like the size of pollen. When CO2 is added to an aquarium, large bubbles will rise to the surface and escape into the air before dissolving. Adding CO2 in the form of delicate bubbles that flow and drift beautifully in the aquarium is an effective and safe method developed through ADA’s experience and practice. The name “Pollen Glass Beetle”, by the way, is derived from its appearance, which reminds us of a beetle; the two suction cups look like eyes, and the glass tube between them like a horn.
Pollen Glass EZ
CO2 bubble counter and diffuser in one.
Pollen Glass Large 30Ø
Its large diffusion plate allows for more efficient CO2 supply.