ADA JUNGLE PLANTS – Progenitor Begonia are now available in new style –

ADA JUNGLE PLANTS – Progenitor Begonia are now available in new style –

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal

Progenitor Begonia and Sonerila sp. in LC cups

For the conventional LC cups, we have produced mainly aquatic plants including popular Echinodorus, Lagenandra and Microsorum. We would like to introduce a new lineup mainly with progenitor Begonias from the Jungle Plants series in this article.

Secrets of the new LC cups

*The conventional lineup is different from this specification.
Check 1. Green label on LC cup
Living products from ADA have labels in two different colors, and ones with green labels are terrestrial plants. 8 species are added to the lineup, and you can have more fun with them like Paludarium.
Check 2. Air vents on the top of the cup
Because there are tiny holes for ventilation on the top of the cup, humidity suitable for Jungle Plants is well-maintained. The humidity is suitable for acclimatization. Therefore, it has become easier to incorporate these plants into Paludarium etc. compared with TC products by tissue culture.
Check 3. Good rooting
Because of the new material used, firm rooting and healthy plant growth can be maintained. Please gently take plants out of the cup not to damage roots when planting. Because these plants are tissue culture based, you don’t need to worry so much about pest contamination, and they will be kept clean and delivered to your door.
When the culture medium is gently removed, the plant can be used as it is right out of the cup. There is no need to rinse off.



Begonia phoeniogramma
Native to Malaysia.  White spots on reddish leaves. The coloring by Paluda Light is a must-see.
Begonia polilloensis
The leaf shape that looks like an open hand and round leaf margins are adorable together. The leaf veins turn red.
Begonia amphioxus
There are red polka dots on the elongated leaves. Needless to say, the leaf shape and pattern are charming.
Begonia quadrialata sp. Nimbaensis
Its peltate leaves have red petioles, and it unfolds leaves with a round impression. Its leaf veins turn red to deep purple depending on the growth environment.
Begonia dracopelta
There are brown bumps on the surface of the round leaves. When the plant is heathy, the bumps become clear.
Begonia versicolor
The colors of trichomes on the leaf surface changes depending on the pattern in 2 different colors. The way they sparkle is so beautiful like stained glass.
Begonia pavonina
In contrast to the redness of the back of the leaves and petioles, the surface of the deep green leaves glow dull in blue.
Sonerila sp. ‘Wayanad White Spot’
Trichomes grow like a white spot pattern, and it gives a three-dimensional impression. The leaf veins turn red as the leaves unfold.