WORLD REPORT – Aquatis, the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe –

WORLD REPORT – Aquatis, the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe –

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal
Now, aquariums are not just displaying living creatures, but are also changing the way they are presented to learn about their unique behavior, ecology or habitat. The aquarium Aquatis I visited this time had its own display with the theme of “freshwater”.
An area inspired by the Amazon basin in South America. You can observe the aquarium from various directions while walking around the tropical plants that grow in a high humidity environment.

The latest aquarium with a theme of freshwater 

About two years ago, the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe, Aquatis, has opened in Lausanne, on the shores of Lac Léman or Lake Geneva in the southwestern part of Switzerland. The feature of this aquarium is that the environment where living creatures such as freshwater fish, reptiles and amphibians live is displayed in aquariums and vivariums, and immersive digital environments such as projection mapping are used in these exhibits. The exhibition starts from river ecosystem in the Alps glaciers, and freshwater environment and terrestrial areas are displayed in the order of the five continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America). In the process, visitors can learn about the nature, environment, and life in the freshwater. We were guided to the backyard with a courtesy of Aquatis at the time of the visit, but water quality management and water exchange etc. are done fully automatic, utlilizing lake water and rain water etc. The rate of water change per week is about 5%. This also shows that this aquarium is based on the idea that water is an important resource. Lastly, curator Michael Anselme, who guided us around the Aquatis, said, “In recent years, Amazon and other forests on the earth have been lost, but considering the circulation of the earth’s water, we humans are losing the water.” The forest and water are connected, and I understood the reason why this aquarium exhibits forests and freshwater areas on five continents, and reaffirmed the importance of water.



Mysterious space, where the freshwater areas of the world are exhibited with the latest technology

An exhibition inspired by the Amazon flooded forest. A large group of piranhas swim in the water.
The outer walls are designed like the silver scales shining, and there is a hotel next to it. I could feel a pleasant breeze on the day of visit in late September.
The exhibition features projection mapping and mirrors, which enhances the understanding of the atmosphere of the aquarium and the contents of the exhibition.
The aquarium and paludarium display is also unique, but the mirror on the floor creates a mysterious world.
One of the highlights is the large aquarium where paddlefish and garfish swim. A large aquarium where these fish species travel is unique to the freshwater aquarium.
Many amphibians such as newts and frogs were also exhibited. Finding places where such small creatures are likely to inhabit is a good experience for children.