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Aquarium Size W1,200×D500×H450(mm)

Aquatic Plants
Eleocharis parvula / Eleocharis Acicularis / Eleocharis vivipara / Hemianthus callitrichoides ‘Cuba’ / Micranthemum sp. / Bucephalandra sp. / Staurogyne sp. / Utricularia graminifolia / Helanthium tenellum / Riccardia chamedryfolia / Fissidens splachnobryoides / Vesicularia dubyana / Anubias barteri var. nana ‘Petite’ / Eriocaulon sp. / Hygrophila pinnatifida

Fish & Invertebrates
Hyphessobrycon eilyos / Hyphessobrycon melanostichos / Hyphessobrycon Negodagua / Carinotetraodon travancoricus / Parotocinclus cearensis / Neocaridina Davidi var.
Carlos Souza
Country: Brazil
Age: 47 years old
Occupation: Illustrator
Aquarium experience: 15 years
Hobbies besides aquarium: Drawing

“Seek inspiration and contemplate nature and study works by aquascapers who were well placed in the iaplc”

AJ   Tell us how you feel now that you won the Prize in the IAPLC 2023.
Dream has come true! It’s hard to find words to describe the happiness I’m feeling right now!  There were years of struggle, on a journey with many challenges and obstacles. And look! My day has arrived! How many times have I dreamed of this moment! Every step, every renunciation, every choice, everything was worth it to get here. I am immensely grateful to my friend Kaio Marques for believing in me and in this project, and to my group BAU – Brazilian Aquascaping Union for their enormous help. I can’t wait to start the IAPLC 2024 project.

AJ   Tell us what you wanted to express with your layout work; layout theme, motif, ideas behind your winning work.
“Pandora” was inspired by the first Avatar film where it shows an enchanting forest full of life and details.


The composition was created with an inspiration from the film Avatar.
AJ   What are the key points when you select aquatic plants and fish species?
The key point for this type of assembly would be to use plants with plenty of texture and different color nuances to make the composition more pleasant. The fish were designed to appear natural and emphasize that they fit into the context.

AJ    What fascinate or attract you the most about the planted aquarium hobby?
What fascinates is the possibility of always developing different projects in order to acquire and absorb new knowledge.

AJ     Do you have any tips for winning in the IAPLC?
The tip I give is to always seek inspiration and contemplate nature and study works by aquascapers who were well placed in the iaplc so that they can absorb knowledge.

AJ    What kind of aquascape do you want to create in the future? Do you have any dreams relating to the aquarium hobby?
I am interested in interpreting aquatic landscapes in my country. My dreams are to promote aquascaping in my country in Brazil and of course to win the Grand Prize. I am a member of the aquascaping group BAU – Brazilian Aquascaping Union. Our group’s primary goal is to train new aquascaping artists and develop aquascaping throughout the country. Our activities are daily through WhatsApp and we also hold monthly meetings to discuss specific topics.