NEW JUNGLE PLANTS : Jewel orchid

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal
 Named the jewel of the forest, of the orchid family (think georgeous shining patterns on radient leaves). The members Anoectochilus and Macodes petola, said to be the main species, are native to Southeast Asia. With hybrids and plants from various sourcing areas in circulation in recent years, it’s a jungle plant to keep an eye on.

A single stem in a vessel; the MARU layout
Cultivation of a single branch in the Glass Pot MARU 95. Peer within and enjoy observing it’s exquisite leaves. Note how planting terrestrial moss at the base enhances the atmosphere.

○Glass Pot MARU 95
○Jungle Base
○Jungle Soil
Anoectochilus roxburghii ‘Milky Way’

Leucobryum sp.
The new Jewel Orchid lineup
Jewel orchids, upright and spreading with resplendent leaves, will be finally released as the Jungle Plant Series, MADE by ADA. Whether to simply cultivate your favourite one in a glass case or for enhancing the gaiety of your paludarium, here we introduce seven charming types.
Sold as a planted and stableised stem in a pot within a cylindrical case.
Anoectochilus hybrids ‘Light Dark Form’
Charachterised by dark green or indigo leaves with eye-opening lightning patterns, it adds a lightening impression to a layout.
Anoectochilus roxburghii ‘Milky Way’
On leaves like those of the Arbolineatus, a white centerline appears. The wide width of the centerline is typical.
Anoectochilus sikkimensis
Though a synonym of Brevilabris, it has a pattern typical of Anoectochilus within spreading heart shaped leaves.
Anoectochilus sp.’Green with White Net’
Brilliant green leaves and on them a clear white centerline unique to jewel orchids.
Dossinia marmorata
The single genus and single species of jewel orchid endemic to Borneo. It’s red tinged leaves have a characteristic foggy, mesh-like pattern.
Macodes sanderiana
Named after the German nurseryman Henry Frederick Conrad Sander who introduced it to Britain. Attractive light green veins run like lightening over its leaves.
Anoectochilus lowii
Even among Anoectochilus the lines running on the leaves are few, it blends into a layout with a calming impression.
Tips to keep your plant beautiful
The leaves of a jewel orchid can be damaged by water droplets left for a long time or by excessive humidity. Try to avoid water accumulating on new buds when using mist spray, and, in the case of glass case cultivation, leave the lid slightly open for circulation to let excess moisture out. Cultivated at a stable temperature and humidity, fluffy and healthy looking root hairs should develop.