NEOGLASS AIR STYLE ‘Composition image in an aquarium tank’

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal
For example, imagine you are walking a path in a forest and encounter a not so old fallen Castanopsis sieboldii tree. There is no moss on the trunk of the tree but only some lichens are developed. And the tree looks almost straight without much undulation. For even such an ordinary fallen tree, a part where half of its roots are exposed is appealing to me. What kind of new lives start developing around the fallen tree in the future….? Moss starts growing on the tree bark after absorbing much moisture and becoming soft. Fallen trees become landmarks in a forest. And they become places for Apodemus speciosus and Eurasian jay to hide acorns, and if some of those acorns are forgotten, they eventually sprout and create new stories. These are parables so far, but as I was choosing pieces of driftwood, I imagined such scenes and actually created this composition. What kind of scenes do you imagine when creating layouts?

DOOA Neo Glass Air W20xD20xH20 (cm)
DOOA Neo Glass  Cover 20×20 (cm)
DOOA Jungle Soil
DOOA Jungle Base

BIO Micranthemum sp.
BIO Utricularia graminifolia
BIO Hydrocotyle verticillata
BIO Lagenandra keralensis
BIO Cryptocoryne lucens
BIO Limnophila sp. Vietnam
BIO Hygrophila pinnatifida
Epidendrum porpax (Jungle Plant)
Ceratostylis philippinensis (Jungle Plant)
Vesicularia montagnei (Wabi-Kusa Mat) for wrapping around driftwood

Creator / Kota Iwahori