Closeup Jungle Plants #03 Bolbitis heteroclita

Yasufumi ShibataYasufumi Shibata
The Jungle Plants series is a line of living products that allow you to enjoy the unique appearance of plants such as leaves of aquatic plants and orchid flowers in glass containers. In each issue we take a close-up and introduce the ecology and examples of one plant from the line up. Enjoy your favorite Jungle Plant with a simple layout!
A fern species which adds a wild touch when grown above water
This month’s close-up is the Bolbitis heteroclita. Although it is a very robust fern that can also be reared in the water, it tends to prefer the warm environs of life above water so it is more suited to glass case cultivation such as the paludarium. With the Mist Flow or a mist spray, if you give them just enough water so the drops on the leaves don’t drip, they maintain their humidity and grow large leaves, so you can enjoy that wilder touch! What’s more, the refreshing countenance of the shape of its leaves make it the perfect plant for the lingering summer heat of this season. Modeled on the atmosphere of a waterside rocky area,  the example shown was put together with decorative sand and an Unzan Stone.

Jungle Plants:  Bolbitis heteroclita × 1 Cup
Other Plants:  BIO Mizukusa no Mori Riccardia chamedryfolia × 1/2 Cup
Case:  Glass Pot MARU 130
Substrate:  Tropical River Sand 150mL
Materials:  Unzan Stone XXS ×1
Closeup Point
1. Fix plant in place with Terra Line. New roots will attach themselves to the stone.
2. Propagation from the sori on the underside of the leaves is possible.
3. New sprouts suited to the case’s environment develop in succession.