Q. CO2 supply does not stop when the timer is OFF.

A. When NA Control Timer is used or a solenoid valve is connected to the timer, a small amount of CO2 may continue to be supplied for several minutes or much longer immediately after the timer is switched to OFF due to residual pressure within the tube. This is not abnormal. The time of CO2 coming out due to residual pressure can be shortened by minimizing the tube length.
If CO2 is continuously supplied even without residual pressure, clogged solenoid valve with fine particles can be suspected. In this case, connect a Ball Valve to “OUT” side of the solenoid valve (or NA Control Timer) using a pressure resistance tube, etc., and increase the pressure by closing the Ball Valve while the solenoid valve remains ON. Then, open the Ball Valve in one shot to release pressure to blow away the particles with a jet of CO2. Particles buildup which causes clogging can be removed by repeating the above procedure a few times on “IN” and “OUT” sides alternately.

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