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About RSS

ADA Website offers the latest information including news and new release via RSS feed. You will automatically receive the latest information on ADA just by registering the link to the RSS icon with an RSS-compatible browser or your RSS reader.

About the Use of RSS

You need to use an “RSS reader” to view RSS feeds available in RSS format. Windows Internet Explorer 7 onwards and Apple’s Safari browsers have built-in RSS reader as a standard feature. There are also some websites that offer free RSS reader. You can easily search such websites on a search engine such as Google and Yahoo! to get an RSS reader. Once you have an RSS reader, you can make use of RSS feeds by registering the link which appears by clicking on the RSS icon found on the actual web page.
* RSS icon may differ from actual design.


Use RSS feeds at your own risk.
The continuity of this service is not guaranteed. The service may be suspended for maintenance. The URL for RSS files is subject to change.
Please note that ADA will not answer the questions about the use of RSS and inquiries on the functions and requirements for RSS reader and other software provided by any third party.