The New Green Brighty

The new Green Brighty Series allows you to apply an adequate amount of
appropriate nutrients in combination with ease.
This great feature prevents wasteful supply of nutrients
and also inhibits algae growth in aquarium.

Bring Beauty and Healthy to Aquatic Plants

The new Brighty series enable you to choose from
various nutrients (Nitrogen, Potassium, Trace elements and Iron)
according to kinds or conditions of your aquatic plants and
helps you to grow aquatic plants even more beautifully and healthier.

The bottle has a new look

The new slim square bottle with pump nozzle.
Package volume has been entirely changed, which helps fully use.

For areas where tap water has
pH and KH

Brighty K

For areas where tap water has
pH and KH

Two optional types of potassium

GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K, which does not raise pH or Carbonate Hardness (KH), has been newly added to the liquid fertilizer series. New BRIGHTY K (alkaline) and GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K efficiently supply potassium that often can be depleted in planted aquarium. You can choose based on water quality of tap water, kinds of substrate materials/aquatic plants or types of layout.

New fertilizers allow you to add nutrients anytime as needed

With new Green Brighty series, changing the system from the former STEP series, allow you to supply nutrients whenever required. In period of the initial set up to 2 months, GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K (or BRIGHTY K) and GREEN BRIGHTY MINERAL (contained well-balanced trace elements) are recommended. After 2-3 months from the initial set up, add GREEN BRIGHTY IRON which contains much iron that helps to promote the growth of aquatic plants.

Plant's growing period (2 months after initial set-up) GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL KK&GREEN BRIGHTY MINERAL Maturing period (2-3 months and later) GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K&GREEN BRIGHTY MINERAL&GREEN BRIGHTY IRON
Supplying Nitrogen promotes the growth of aquatic plants

Promoting plant growth after trimming aquatic plants


Stem plants sometimes have stunted growth after trimming. In such a case, apply more GREEN BRIGHTY MINERAL together with GREEN BRIGHTY NITROGEN in addition to the basic set of fertilizers to promote plant growth.

Making red stem plants look more vivid


Supplying iron and nitrogen is effective for promoting pigment synthesis of red stem plants. Apply GREEN BRIGHTY IRON and GREEN BRIGHTY NITROGEN in addition to the basic set of liquid fertilizers so that red stem plants have richer and more vivid colors.

Promoting the growth of sun plants having more vibrant green leaves


Applying GREEN BRIGHTY NEUTRAL K and GREEN BRIGHTY NITROGEN to supply more potassium and nitrogen is effective for promoted growth and better leaf color of sun plants. Double or triple the dosage depending on the plant growth.

Easier-To Use Aqua Conditioner

The new Aqua Conditioner Series have enhanced capacity to
improve tap water to have water quality suitable for fish and aquatic plants.
The new series comes with a push nozzle for easy application.

CHLOR-OFF removes residual chlorine perfectly

Tap water contains residual chlorine which is harmful to fish, aquatic plants and microorganisms. Applying one pump (1ml) of CHLOR-OFF for every 10 liters of tap water securely removes residual chlorine.


Residual chlorine is harmful not only to fish but also to aquatic plants. Please use CHLOR-OFF to completely remove residual chlorine when water change.

VITA-MIX changes tap water closer to natural river water

Natural river and lake water contains various organic vitamins. VITA-MIX replenishes the vitamins that are missing in tap water and makes the aquarium water closer to natural water suited for aquatic life.


By adding VITA-MIX at water change, it promotes health condition of fish and aquatic plants. Vitamins also activate the functions on beneficial bacteria which help improve the environment in tank.

CLEAR WATER prevents cloudiness and algal outbreaks

CLEAR WATER is an additive for eliminating cloudy and yellow water that are often observed during initial setup phase. It also has an effect of eliminating phosphate in aquarium water, helping inhibit algae growth and promote an environment conducive to healthy growth of plants.


By applying CLEAR WATER into planted tanks, it suppresses algal growth and helps to maintain the planted tanks easily.

SOFT WATER adjusts the water quality to mild acidity

Most aquatic plants and tropical fish prefer mildly acidic water. However, tap water is usually mildly alkaline and not suitable for fish and plants. SOFT WATER lowers pH and carbonate hardness (KH) and adjusts the water quality to mild acidity.


Most aquatic plants thrive in mildly acidic water. Addition of SOFT WATER at water change is highly recommended in regions with a high pH and Carbonate Hardness (KH).