Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal
Aquarium Size W120×D60×H50 (cm)

Riccardia chamedryfolia ‘Coral Moss’
Micranthemum sp. ‘Monte Carlo’
Hemianthus callitrichoides ‘Cuba’
Bucephalandra sp. Godzilla
Rotala mexicana
Bucephalandra moss
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Rotala sp. shimoga
Hydrocotyle tripartita
Bolbitis Heudelotii
Anubias var. nana ‘Petite’
Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Flame Moss’
Juncus repens
Eleocharis acicularis
Limnophila sp. ‘Mini’
Limnophila aromatica
Vesicularia montagnei
Pogostemon erectus

Rainbow Fish (Short Body)

Age/ 48 years old
Occupation/ Self Employed
Years of the experience in the aquarium hobby/18 years
Record of awards in the past IAPLC/
          – IAPLC 2018: World Ranking 249
          – IAPLC 2020: World Ranking 193
Other hobbies besides aquarium/ Bonsai and High-Fi


    My design completes with lush aquatic plants, flow of the water and freedom of the fishes

    AJ: Tell us how you feel now that you won the the Prize in the IAPLC 2021.
    I participated in the IAPLC contest in 2018, 2020 and 2021. It is my pleasure to share with my family members and friends that I took part in the contest, so I invited them to watch the IAPLC live on YouTube.  At the moment when the emcee announced the World Ranking #3 is from Malaysia and my name appeared, I was screaming and jumping with my daughter that I won the silver prize of the IAPLC. I enjoyed every moment of the IAPLC live show, feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I am proud of myself to know that my layout was recognized by the judges. Last but not least, I would like to thank all my friends who loves my layout and I will continue to give my support to the IAPLC.

    AJ: Tell us what you wanted to express with your layout work; layout theme, motif, ideas behind your winning work.
    My inspiration for the winning layout “IMAGINE” came from the research that I did and studying winning works in recent years, from there it inspires me to design my concept, theme, structure and with some imagination to complete my layout works.
    The rough texture driftwood stimulated his imagination.
    While leaving the powerful look of the solid driftwood, the aquatic plants give a soft impression to the aquascape.

      AJ: Do you have any tips for winning in the IAPLC?
      My winning tips is to have discussions and exchange of opinions with friends.

      AJ: What are your favorite ADA product(s) and why?
      My favourite ADA product is Amazonia soils as its life span is long and the soil will not become powdery easily.

      AJ: What kind of aquascape do you want to create in the future? Do you have any dreams relating to the aquarium hobby?
      I do not know yet what to do for my next tank as it will take time to plan. No. I don’t have any dreams relating to aquarium hobby.

      AJ: Tell us about the layout materials (rocks and driftwood) which were used for this layout work.
      The materials used for layout are driftwoods, black lava rocks, ADA Amazonia soils and river sands.

      AJ: What fascinates or attracts you the most about the planted aquarium hobby?
      Planted aquarium is fascinating and attractive because it is relaxing, and I can destress myself with it. I enjoy the moment after a tank has been set up as per my design until the completion of the layout with lush aquatic plants, flow of the water and freedom of the fishes.

      AJ: What do you think about the IAPLC?
      IAPLC is the most popular aquascape contest in the world. There are many outstanding contestants and awesome layouts works in the contest.