Ryuji OgawaRyuji Ogawa
ADA NATURE AQUARIUM offers a wide range of products that are necessary to create Nature Aquarium style layouts. In this section, we introduce the appeal of our products, produced with performance, design, and originality.
Cube Garden
Flat glass with a thickness between 5 to 15mm is used depending on the size of Cube Garden. Even if the glass gets thicker, its transparency remains the same.

Make the ideal into a reality

This aquarium is made of highly transparent glass, and it helps a layout look even more sophisticated. The biggest feature of Cube Garden is that silicone that adheres the flat glass is kept as invisible as possible. It is important that there is almost no noticeable silicone out because it helps reduce the chance of an algae outbreak in the corners of an aquarium, maintain its aesthetic appeal, and reduce deterioration caused by scrubbing. This product is manufactured by skilled aquarium craftsmen, and the silicone used to connect the flat glass is very strong. The ideal aquarium for Nature Aquarium also connects humans and fish rather than thinking as a world separated by glass.  And it is not just a breeding box. It is sublimated into an existence for us to enjoy tropical fish and aquatic plants and to appreciate aquascapes in which environments just like nature are recreated. The highly transparent aquariums as if the glass had disappeared make the viewers forget the boundaries and don’t interfere the beauty of aquascapes. ADA’s Cube Garden continues to realize the ideal.