Q. I cannot attach Aqua Screen properly.

A. Before attaching Aqua Screen, make a solution by adding a small amount of neutral detergent to the water in a hand spray. Be sure to spray the solution on the Aqua Screen when peeling it off the base paper. In addition, spray the solution adequately on the surface of the aquarium tank on which Aqua Screen is to be attached. Doing this prevents quick bonding of Aqua Screen and helps easy positioning. Subsequently, spray the solution adequately also on the back surface of Aqua Screen and slowly scrape from the center to the outer side with a set square, etc. so that the water and air trapped will be pushed out. Doing this helps Aqua Screen adhere tightly and firmly to the glass surface. Lastly, cut the Aqua Screen portion out of the aquarium tank surface with a cutter knife. Now attaching Aqua Screen is completed.

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