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Metal Cabinet 60

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Metal Cabinet 60

Metal Cabinet 60 Silver / Black is an aquarium tank cabinet with a novel design. Although it is constructed with thin panels made of steel, it has sufficient strength to be able to hold a W60 aquarium tank with the unique structure that the front and back panels are folded inwards diagonally. Because the both sides are opened, a filter and a CO2 system can be stored. Aquascapes will stand out even more with Metal Cabinet 60 Silver / Black.

※Metal Cabinet 60 is a made to order product.
※For aquarium tank size W60xD30xH36(cm)
※There is a hole (Ø50mm) for wiring on the back.

Metal Cabinet Specifications
Size: W60xD30xH70(cm)
Weight: 23kg
Material: Made of Steel

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Metal Cabinet 60 Black



Metal Cabinet 60 Silver