Revolutionary Light

Vivifying aquatic plants

The white LEDs installed in ordinal aquarium lights have capability of breeding aquatic plants once if its illuminance is enhanced. They however tend to glow yellowish, not glow vividly in red and green due to the nature of wavelength. With Solar RGB, in order to break through the problem above, RGB LEDs are installed and embodied an ideal wavelength for viewing and growth of aquatic plants.

A comparison between white LEDs and RGB LEDs.

white LED
white LED
white LED


Blue light promotes photosynthesis of aquatic plants and renders the clearness of water. Also green light enhances the green color of aquatic plants, red light enhances the red color of aquatic plants. Solar RGB concurrently lights up of those three colors, which brighten up the aquatic plants vividly and clearly.

A lighting unit focused on brightness and light uniformity

160 RGB LEDs are installed in Solar RGB and one single unit is powerful enough to grow healthy aquatic plants in a 90cm aquarium. (Power consumption: 130W) Also the light emitting face has been enlarged and a diffuser cover has been installed to enhance the light uniformity, which enables aquatic plants to grow beautifully and evenly.

Safety Features

Solar RGB’s basic features are much substantial as a LED lighting device. Designed to withstand the daily use, it ensures not only nurturing and showing aquatic plants beautifully but also its high reliability and safety features.

Color temperature / Around 9,000〜12,000K

The color temperature of light coming out from Solar RGB is approx. 9,000-12,000K. This result concludes the fact that blue light is contained most in the wavelength. The blue light is highly permeable and it promotes the photosynthesis of aquatic plants and produces the water’s transparency.

LED lifetime / Over 30,000 hours

Solar RGB provides stable performance for long periods by the nature of LEDs which is suitable for long-term use. There is no need for an annual replacement of the lighting unit such as fluorescent lamps or metal halide lamps, this advantage leads to low-running cost for long-term use.

Suppressing increase of water temperature

LEDs hardly give off heat compared to other lights such as fluorescent lamps or metal halide lamps, therefore Solar RGB has capability of suppressing increase of water temperature especially in summer time. Furthermore, the lighting unit of Solar RGB is superior in releasing heat and generating minimum heat due to the ballast being apart from the unit itself.

A single unit can illuminate an aquarium up to 90cm in width.

By its great light distribution, one Solar RGB can illuminate a 60cm aquarium and up to 90cm. Also a multiple installation can illuminate a bigger size aquarium such as 120cm(W)×60cm(H) or 180cm(W)×60cm(H) and ensures the healthy grow of aquatic plants.

Light distribution figure(PDF)



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