Sophisticated Design

Heat radiator fins and airflow

With high output LED lights, the temperature of LED element itself increases, and it causes degradation of its performance or shortening the lifetime. To avoid that, an appropriate anti-heat countermeasure is necessary.

Stick to light-weight and low-profile

A well-balanced figure is essentially important for pendant style lights with aquariums. Solar RGB has achieved it being lightweight by separating the ballast from lighting unit and removing a cooling fan. Also the heat radiator fins are spread out from the front to the rear of the lighting unit, it accomplished its slimline profile and high performance in heat rejection.

Fusion of functionality and design

The heat radiator fins of Solar RGB are intentionally uncovered and taken in as a part of the entire design, which makes a top-of-the-line design and functionality. Its concept of design same as the every other ADA products is “simple and neat”. Solar RGB consisted of functionality and design surely vivifies aquascapes.


For more detail, please ask the official ADA distributors in your area.