New Light Brightening Up Your Aquascape

Solar RGB, a high rendering LED lighting system for aquarium, was designed not only to grow healthy aquatic plants but also to reflect aquascapes more beautifully. Developed by ADA’s expertise, its new lighting technology vivifies greens and reds of aquatic plants, even colors of fish. Experience a whole new visual appreciation of your aquascape with Solar RGB.

Revolutionary Light

New lighting system “Solar RGB”, rendering the vividness and beauty of aquatic plants. We now introduce a revolutionary lighting system that brightens up your aquatic plants.

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Sophisticated Design

The heat radiator fins of Solar RGB are intentionally uncovered and taken in as a part of the entire design, which makes a top-of-the-line design and functionality.

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For over 20 years, ADA has been focusing on the importance of lighting method for growth of aquatic plants and originally developing lighting systems ever since. Though the lighting systems have changed their forms from fluorescent lights, metal halide lamps to LEDs as time goes by, ideas or know-how for growing healthy aquatic plants have been passed on to new products.

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Product's specification:
Product Name SOLAR RGB
Size Lighting unit: W43×D28×H6.4 (cm)
Weight Lighting unit: 2.6kg
Input voltage AC100〜240V 50 / 60Hz
Rated Power 130W
Power consumption 90W ±10%
Luminous flux 3,000〜3,500lm
Illuminance Approx. 21,000Lx(Central illuminance at 30cm distance)
Color temperature Around 9,000〜12,000K *1
LED light 160(RGB LED)
LED lifetime Over 30,000 hours *2
Operating temperature range 0〜35℃
Color Metallic Silver
*1 There are variation in color temperature due to the nature of LED.
*2 Actual hours may vary depending on usage environment.
Solar RGB

Color:Metallic Silver

An optional part

Shade for Solar RGB

By attaching it to Solar RGB, it prevents the light leakage and reduces glaringness. Also, its light reflector attached on the back side of the shade enhances downright-illuminance up to approx. 15%.

Product name Shade for Solar RGB
Shade for Solar RGB

Shade for Solar RGB


For more detail, please ask the official ADA distributors in your area.