ADA has advanced AQUASKY’s LED lights entirely and developed AQUASKY G. 
Its stylish design is suitable for small aquariums sized up to 60cm in width.
AQUASKY G has LEDs which brighten up the greens of aquatic plants, and makes them look more vivified.
In addition, AQUASKY G is equipped with a light diffuser cover, same as Solar RGB, and which gives even illumination and optimum illuminants enough to grow aquatic plants beautifully. 
Cord and AC adapter have also changed the color from black to white, and they make the entire exterior more sophisticated. 
Please enjoy your Nature Aquarium with brand new AQUASKY G.

■AQUASKY G -Advanced LED grow light

■AQUASKY G Product Specifications

*AQUASKY G 301 and 361 will be available end of March, 2017. 
AQUASKY G 601 and 602 will be available in the end of April and AQUASKY G 451 will be launched in this coming summer.