MIZUKUSA FOCUS “Dissecting BIO Mizu Kusa No Mori”

MIZUKUSA FOCUS “Dissecting BIO Mizu Kusa No Mori”

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal
Let’s look at BIO Mizu Kusa No Mori produced using the tissue culture technology and its “culture medium” essential for the product quality.
A tissue culture medium for aquatic plants is composed primarily of a gelling agent such as agar. The gelling agent is dissolved in fertilizer solutions produced for specific plant types. Then, the mixture is cooled to solidify.

Presented here are five different types of the culture media. ADA uses the first two types as its basic culture media.
「I」BIO Utricularia graminifolia
「II」BIO Hemianthus callitrichoides ‘cuba’
The media I and II use two different gelling agents: opaque white and clear. The agents are tested for specific types of plants, and an appropriate one is selected based on the test result.

「III」BIO Glossostigma elatinoides
The medium III is produced by adding activated carbon powder to the media I or II. Plants release metabolic waste products, which can affect plant growth. The waste materials do not affect terrestrial plants seriously since rain washes off the waste materials. Since the waste material cannot be washed away in the case of a culture medium, activated carbon is added to the medium to adsorb the harmful substances.

「IV」BIO Micranthemum umbrosum
Medium IV, which has a different color, is produced by adding natural organic material to the medium I or II. It is well known that banana or coconut water is added to a planting medium for orchids. These materials are added as a pH buffer or to provide a beneficial substance to the plant growth. Since the type of beneficial organic material is different depending on aquatic plants, the materials need to be tested to find a suitable one.

「V」Liquid culture medium may become even more effective for the cultivation of aquatic plants than what it was intended for originally.
The medium V is liquid produced without a gelling agent. This medium is used primarily for cultivating a plant fragment or tissue efficiently. A shake culture method with a shaking apparatus is often used instead of a static culture method with solid media.
Culture media comes in different types and forms, and a vast number of medium compositions are possible. The medium must be tested many times to find an appropriate one for a type of plant. Finding a perfect composition is the real thrill of culture media research.
ADA performs experiments continuously to deliver high quality products to you. We are currently testing other types of media for new products. So stay tuned!