MAKE & KEEP ‘Liquid fertilizers for aquatic plants in 2 types’

MAKE & KEEP ‘Liquid fertilizers for aquatic plants in 2 types’

Liquid fertilizers for aquatic plants in 2 types;
One for submerged plants and the other for emerged plants to keep them nice and healthy
Appropriate nutrition supply is important to grow plants healthy whether submerged or emerged. It is not possible to keep the plants nice and healthy condition over a long period without appropriate nutrition supply. However, it is considered less serious as plants does not wither or stop growing even without nutrition supply as long as they photosynthesize. This month we feature 2 types of liquid fertilizers for WABI-KUSA and aquarium layouts.

Keeping emerged aquatic plant greens dark and healthy by foliar feeding

As a supply method of liquid fertilizer, when growing aquatic plants in emerged condition, supplying directly in the aquarium water is the simplest way, but the high nutrition level in the water promotes the growth of algae and it becomes necessary to make frequent cleaning of the aquarium. Foliar feeding, on the contrary, does not pollute the water, and has a rapid-acting effect, making aquatic plant leaves darker, as nutritional elements are absorbed directly from the leaves. But the emerged leaves of aquatic plants are so delicate, and they may have leave scorch when nutritious elements are too dense. WABI-KUSA MIST is mainly composed with nitrogen, which is absorbed easily from the leaf, and controlled to have optimum density of nutrients not to have a leaf scorch. Spraying WABI-KUSA MIST every day enough to wet the leaves of Wabi-Kusa is also effective to repel pest insects like aphids with a fragrance of refreshing mint.

Daily supply provides basic nutrition requirements, keeping aquatic plants healthy.

In full-fledged Nature Aquarium, we chose appropriate liquid fertilizer from 5 kinds and provide them, depending upon types of aquatic plants and its condition. But in case of enjoying aquatic plant layouts in DOOA SYSTEM AQUA 30 or a small size aquarium, you may prefer to provide nutrients without hassle. SUIKEI LIQUID is a liquid fertilizer, composed with nitrogen, potassium, and minerals which are indispensable for healthy growth of aquatic plants. Its daily dosage and appropriate lighting equipment, and CO2 supply will keep aquatic plants nice and healthy. Phosphate, which may cause algae outbreak, is always provided from fish food and fish excrement. So non-use of phosphate is a key of keeping aquatic plant layout in good condition.