The Nature Aquarium of the month, entitled “Lush Greenery Shadow”, is a W180cm aquascape with Cryptocorynes and ferns. Please check out a natural rustic look of the aquascape, created with shade plants over a period of time. ADA REVIEW features Cryptocorine and Lagenandra selected from the BIO Mizukusa-no Mori series. The article discusses general characteristics of each variety and has its photos in both emersed form grown in tissue culture and submersed in an aquarium tank. It gives our readers a good reference of how each plant will appear in actual layouts. 

ENJOY DOOA talks about how to create a dynamic, full-fledged Nature Aquarium in a small size aquarium with integrated filter, SYSTEM AQUA 30. MAKE & KEEP presents POWER SAND BASIC and ADVANCE, ADA’s new substrate products launched in this spring, and gives step-by-step instructions on how to make substrate system using these products.

Aqua Journal Vol. 271 has the newest aquascapes and latest information from ADA!

B5-sized, full-colored 24 pages

*AQUA JOURNAL (Printed Edition / Japanese) is not sold on ADA Online Bookstore.  
*AQUA JOURNAL (Online Edition / English) will be released on the official web site on the 1st day of the following month.