The NA Party – a fantastic event which makes the grand finale of the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC) each year. After its absence in 2015, we will bring the party back this year in Niigata, Japan - where everything about the Nature Aquarium starts! The party will be the world’s premiere of the top winning works at the IAPLC 2016 and its awarding ceremony. The 2nd day of the party includes a presentation of ADA’s newest products and other fun events in its headquarters.
Moreover, the Niigata sightseeing tour and aquascaping events in the Nature Aquarium gallery will be organized on October 3 – 4. For our guests from outside of Japan, we will also hold a dinner party at a Japanese temple. Further details will be announced through the ADA weekly newsletter and official website.
Anyone who is interested in planted aquarium is invited to the party! We look forward to meeting fellow hobbyists in Niigata, Japan!!

NA Party 2016 Online Application:

Watch the announcement video of the NA Party 2016!
ADAview: The Nature Aquarium Party 2016