With the concept - "The Quality tells Stories", our new webpage entitled "Nature Aquarium Goods History" is launched to provide the stories behind the development of ADA products.  The Nature Aquarium, founded by Takashi Amano about 25 years ago, has been playing an increasingly important role in the aquarium industry, and it has redefined styles and themes of planted aquarium.  The unique ADA products delivering exceptional quality in terms of design, performance and aesthetics are born from a desire to create Nature Aquarium style layouts.  In that sense, the Nature Aquarium has developed alongside those innovative products throughout its history.  The webpage features a series of the very first stories of ADA products, based on memoirs of Takashi Amano.  You may feel a closer, personal attachment to a piece of ADA product you have when finding more about its history.  

Nature Aquarium Goods History: