Enjoy DOOA vol.02

Enjoy DOOA vol.02

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal

Scenery like a small section of nature

Water runs down the Willow Moss that has become attached to the driftwood, and water droplets drip down quietly… The scenery feels pleasant not only to aquarists, but also to any viewers. This may be the real appeal of an aqua-terrarium. A somewhat bulky driftwood branch was placed at an angle to fit snuggly to the wall section of the background in this layout.
Since Willow Moss is grown on the driftwood, the water running down the cascading part of the wall moistens the roots of Hygrophila pinnatifida. It took extra time to develop into impressive scenery since only epiphytic plants composed primarily of mosses and ferns were used in this layout. However, it is easy to maintain over a long period of time because of the slow growth habit of the plants. Wouldn’t it be great to casually enjoy your own fragment of nature in your own room?
The cascading fog not only provides moisture to aquatic plants but also produces great visual appeal that is soothing to viewers.

Enjoying an image of a cloud forest where epiphytic plants and ferns flourish in the mist.

This is an example of a layout that depicts a cloud forest in the fogbound upland of the tropics. The fog coming over the upper cascade section, which was produced by Mist Flow, a new product scheduled to be released soon, helps maintain the high humidity. System Terra 30 allows you to enjoy the scenery with densely growing epiphytic plants and ferns that favor high humidity.

Although it took some time for Hygrophila pinnatifida to attach itself to driftwood, once it did, it grew vigorously and produced a forest-like scene of tall, standing trees.
Sciophytic plants, such as Anubias, are well suited for the underwater section where light is blocked by aquatic plants above the water line. Glistening eyes of African Lampeye add interest to the dimly lit underwater scenery.
Created by Daisuke Inoue