Enjoy DOOA ‘System Paluda 60’

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The latest Paludarium taking advantage of the originality of Jungle Plants

A solid looking piece of driftwood is installed in this layout, and the composition looks as if it were a cut out piece of a jungle. By creating a line with a piece of driftwood covered with moss and planting ferns, plants with intense impressions can be comfortably separated into areas, so that a clash of the intense impressions can be eased. Although it seems that various plants are attached on the Wabi-Kusa Mat on the back wall, in fact there is only one type of Begonia called Begonia phoeniogramma. There are many types of begonias with different color shades of leaves and with or without white spots even though they are from the same natural habitat. It is so interesting. Unique leaves are one of the Jungle Plants’ charms.
DOOA Paluda Light 60
DOOA System Paluda 60 W60×D30×H45(cm)
DOOA Mistflow Box
DOOA Mistflow
DOOA Mistflow Cap
Wood Cabinet (Dark Wood)
Power Code S-70
DOOA Jungle Soil
DOOA Jungle Base
DOOA Wabi-Kusa Mist

Begonia phoeniogramma
Begonia sp. ‘Julau’
Begonia lichenora
Sonerila sp.
Piper sp.
Macodes petola
Dossinia Marmorata
Aspidogyne argentea
Cattleya coccinea
Dryopteris erythrosora
Selaginella Willdenowii
Wabi-Kusa Mat Vesicularia montagnei
Wabi-Kusa Mat Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Peacock Moss’
Wabi-Kusa Mat Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Spiky Moss’

Shooting date: August 21st, 2019
Creator: Kota Iwahori