DOOA STYLE #7 ‘A living room for Jungle Plants’

kota IwahoriKota Iwahori
Neo Glass Paluda is suitable for growing jungle plants that require regulated temperature and humidity, and it is also perfect for displaying multiple plant collections or plants that are too big in size for Neo Glass Air tanks. It would be also fun to display some Terra Plate with small epiphytic orchids or tillandsias in the back space of the Neo Glass Paluda. The bottom floor is covered with Bio Rio G to prevent root rot, and peat moss for humidity control. For lighting, we recommend Paluda Light, which helps plants grow smoothly and enhances their colors. You can enjoy the beautiful appearance of plants.
■DOOA Neo Glass Paluda 60
■DOOA Paluda Light 60
■Bio Rio G
1 Sonerila sp. ‘Wayanad White spot’
2 Begonia anphioxus
Molineria sp.
4 Homalomena sp.
5 Aglaonema pictum
Lagenandra cf. keralensis ‘Green’ 
7 Begonia negrosensis
8 Medinilla sp.
9 Begonia sp. Berau
10 Ardisia sp.
11 Begonia dracopelta
12  Anubias barteri var. ‘Pinto’
13 Kefersteinia graminea sp.