DOOA STYLE #4 Dotted Dress

kota IwahoriKota Iwahori
This time I would like to introduce a simple paludarium, containing only a featured plant and a few undergrowth plants. The main plant, Begonia chlorosticta, is a novelty begonia and a popular species with several different color variations. As the name implies, the leaves have green spots. I used some bright green plants for undergrowth plants, such as small Ficus sp. and Sphagnum sp., in order to visually tighten up the somewhat provocative color combination of this reddish-brown based B. chlorosticta. With DOOA, you can create a small paludarium that simply focuses on your favorite aquatic plant or jungle plant and just look at it for pure enjoyment.
DOOA Neo Glass Air W20×D20×H35 (cm)
DOOA Jungle Base
DOOA Tropical River Soil

Begonia chlorosticta
Sonerila sp. Phang Nga
Argostemma sp.
Ficus sp. Murung Raya

Creator/ Kota Iwahori
The light pink female flower looks beautiful. Many male flowers started blooming two weeks after taking this photo.