DOOA TERRA BASE ‘Charms of Epiphytic Plants that Grow on Moss-covered Trees’

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal

Enjoy the scenery of epiphytic plants grown on trees

In the tropical cloud forests, there are trees entirely covered with epiphytic plants. The combination of Magnet Light Stand 20H and Terra Base allows you to create the scene easily.

A lovely flower of a small epiphytic orchid

Having lovely flowers, small orchids are especially attractive among the epiphytic plants. Because the humidity is kept pretty high in the tank, moisture loving plants are most suitable to use.

Photo/ Coelogyne fimbriata

Creator / Kota Iwahori
1. DOOA Magnet Light G
2. DOOA Magnet Light Stand 20H:W21×D22×H41 (cm)
3. DOOA Neo Glass Air W20×D20×H35 (cm)
4. DOOA Glass Cover for Neo Glass Air 20×20 (cm)
5. DOOA Terra Base M Ø10×H23 (cm)