DOOA SYSTEM TERRA 30 ‘Enjoy Waterside Scenery Created in An Aqua-terrarium’

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal

A tiny indoor ecotone

Waterside is rich with a variety of living organisms, and is known as an ecotone ― a transition area between terrestrial and aquatic environments. With a built-in Mizukusa Wall, System TERRA 30 allows you to create a tiny ecotone.

Create Japanese inspired natural scenery using moss and Oryzias

You can keep Oryzias in the System TERRA 30 because it holds enough water in the tank section. A combination of Ryuoh Stone and moss looks very natural with a Japanese twist.

Creator/ Daichi Araki
1. DOOA Sol Stand RGB
2. DOOA System Terra  30 W30×D30×H40 (cm)
3. DOOA Mistflow + Mistflow cap
4. DOOA CO2 System Kit
5. DOOA CO2 Mini Counter
6. DOOA CO2 Mini Diffuser J Ø10
7. NA Thermometer J-05WH (for 5mm thickness)
8. Protector F
9. DOOA System Stand 35 (Black)
10. Power Cord S-70