DOOA SYSTEM AQUA 30 ‘Aquascaping with Easy-to-install Equipment’

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal

A small aquarium system for both plants and fish

Combined System AQUA 30, featuring a built-in filter, with a lighting and CO2 systems. Simply place it on System Stand 35. Then you’re all set to enjoy aquascaping with your favorite plants and fish.

An aquarium system suitable for small fish

This is a small tank, but well-suited for fish keeping, having an integrated filter. You can reduce stress in fish by making hideouts for them with driftwood and Wabi-Kusa in the tank.

Creator / Naru Uchida
1. DOOA Sol Stand RGB
2. DOOA System Aqua 30 W30×D30×H30 (cm)
3. DOOA CO2 System Kit
4. NA Thermometer J-05WH (for 5mm thickness)
5. DOOA System Stand 35 (White)
6. Power Cord S-70